3D Communication

The best-selling and most published book of all time is the Bible.  It has been composed by scores of very diverse authors, compiled over a period of 1500 years, then collected and scrutinized for authenticity by multiple gatherings; all inspired, guided and edited by the Holy Spirit. It is read, studied, memorized, sung, contemplated and used for guidance.  It reveals details of history found nowhere else and has prompted investigative excursions that have confirmed its historic accuracy.  God shows His character, His values and His plans. Despite the number and diversity of authors, it has a unity of message that progressively reveals all we need to know (if not all we want to know) about God, mankind, the universe and life beyond the visible.

Waiting for us between of the historic narratives and the Prophet’s warnings we find the “poetic” books of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the Song of Solomon.  Our study for the next few weeks, “Songs for Any Season”, focuses on selected Psalms.  Among all the options, I think Psalms provides an authentic look at the life of faith.  David, the author of the majority of them, and the other inspired poets crafted their thoughts about God and their communication with God. They asked their questions, pleaded their cases, confessed their faults, celebrated God’s blessings, sought His intervention and journaled their experiences.  They did all of this with emotive word pictures and cleverly devised structure; using all of their talent, yet moved irresistibly by the Spirit.

It seems to be the three dimensional communication section of Scripture.  It is not just proclamation from God and the history of man.  It adds the whole picture of God and the whole picture of the writers as they communicate their thought and feelings and reflect on how God is revealing Himself to them.  It talks about sacrifices in the temple. But focus on why they are moved to sacrifice and praise God rather than the details of how to conduct the ritual. Some of them reflect on the songs of the pagan religions around them—and tweak the words to refute the false claims.

As I study for any series in Psalms, it always inspires me to increase my time reading and thinking about this moving and informative part of Scripture.  During the series I encourage you to set aside some extra time to reflect, not only on the ones we are exploring on Sunday, but on others throughout the week.

On the news front…  You may have noticed that the ground level has risen significantly where the expansion will be.  Many loads of fill have been spread and compacted in preparation for construction.  With the water table so high, the team decided not to have a basement under the expansion.  The decision to use a steel construction process instead of laminate wood beams has been made and will now allow the rest of the construction drawings to proceed.

We continue to make strides on the financial front and appreciate your support. We are making progress but have not reached the amount we will need to have the upper structure enclosed so that we can do inside “sweat equity” work next winter.

I appreciate those who were able to attend our project update on February 19th.  We recorded it for those who were not, so if you haven’t received the link to find the video or need help, feel free to contact Rochelle in the office.

Looking forward to seeing you next weekend.


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