Testing, Testing…One, Two

Our most recent CCC staff meeting highlighted the challenge of communication.  A staff member, whose name will be forever kept secret, was attentively listening to another staff member who was lamenting the challenge of low attendance at an event that is very important to the strategy of a particular ministry.  This event has been happening consistently for about 3 years, but the anonymous staff member innocently asked, “What’s ___?  There was an immediate vacuum drawn around the table, followed by incredulous looks. But it didn’t happen just once, but twice, regarding two different events being discussed by two different staff members.  How can someone so plugged in to our meetings, actively participating in our planning and so savvy to all of modes of communication (bulletin, newsletters, website, church app, CrossWired, etc.) not know what “___” is?  This is not meant to demean a staff person; this is a picture of the challenge of communication.  How can we reliably convey information to the CrossRoads family?


Part of the challenge is the diversity of our community.  Some are very technology driven, some are not, some are tech driven but are traveling at a slower pace than the “very”.  Some rely on snail mail and phone conversations, some have arrived at using email, some have discovered websites, while others have transcended email and social media, ignoring all but texts, apps on their smart phones or google docs in the “cloud”.  Some rely on the church bulletin’s weekly news, while others only listen to announcements when they are spoken up front backed up by a visual.

The solution tends to add to the challenge.  In desperate need to get information across, we are inclined to use all means to reach some, adding to the din of communication competing for your attention.  When our senses become overloaded, we implement survival filters.  For instance, in the case of the forever anonymous staff member mentioned above, the particular event was not one appropriate for their life circumstances.  My guess is their cerebral communication center has simply been filtering this information as irrelevant before taking in the details.  No matter what means of communication—no tech, low tech or high tech; it was not going to penetrate.

We will soon be implementing our 3rd version of the CrossRoads website.  We are diligently working to make it user friendly, thorough in scope, responsive, and well-kept.  We have gone to a larger bulletin to provide more space.

Why this rant?  To let you know we want to get information out to you and have some reasonable assurance that you have received it.  If you volunteer, please let the staff person who works with your ministry know how you receive communication most effectively. If you have information that needs to be disseminated to the church, please get the information to the office in a timely way.  If you are part of the CrossRoads community, please take some time to let the messages we transmit get through your filters.  For our part we will try to improve our effectiveness in communicating information so that you receive it in a clear and timely way.  Meanwhile, we all need grace!!!

This weekend we will be concluding our series “A Song for Any Season”, with Psalm 22, a Messianic prophecy of the sacrifice of Jesus.

Looking forward to seeing you!



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