May Updates

This month always seems busy as spring emerges, days get longer, lawns need mowing, proms need promming, Moms need honoring, heroes are remembered, and academic years reach their apex with awards and graduations.  It is simultaneously exhilarating and exhausting.  While not wanting to “pile on”, we have a lot happening here at CrossRoads also.

This Saturday from 10AM-Noon is the annual Ladies Brunch, with great food, lively connections, and our own special guest speaker, Kirsten Panachyda.  Next Saturday we will welcome folks for the InRoads Brunch, an opportunity to dialogue with the staff about CCC’s vision, mission, ministry strategy, beliefs and membership process.  Later in the month, we will have a men’s breakfast followed by a garage sale fundraiser for our Guatemala trip.  There is also a Memorial Day Watch Fire vigil on the drawing board with more information to follow.

Our budget year is also coming to a close, which means we will be having a budget information meeting Sunday evening May 21st at 6:30pm and our Annual meeting for budget and elder election on Sunday evening June 11th.

I want to thank Kathryn Morkel for organizing last weekend’s Celebration Gala along with many volunteers who crafted and set up the room décor; Cooper Young who provided DJ service; and Don Cottet and the skilled team of food preparers and servers.  It was a delicious meal and a great celebration of God’s blessings with inspiring brothers and sisters in Christ!

I also want to thank our Facilities Expansion team, led by Wayne Beagle, Rod Collins and Chris Stellakis for their diligent efforts in defining and initiating our efforts.  The project is regaining momentum after slowing down a bit with final design clarification and interactions with contractors.  Some design modifications have been made which will help control construction costs and provide better sight lines in the auditorium in addition to adding a 2nd floor over the early childhood rooms.  I want to thank many who have made substantial and sacrificial gifts to provide the funds needed to complete our site preparations, foundation and purchase the structural steel. At this point, we are seeking to close the gap of about $180K needed to be able to erect the steel structure and enclose the building by November so that we can work through the winter on inside projects (sweat equity!).  If you have not yet decided if or how you feel led to contribute, I hope you will ask the Lord to lead you in that decision.

This weekend we have 4 families thanking God for the gift of a new family member and dedicating themselves to leading their children toward faith in the Lord.  We will also be concluding “The Treasure Principle” message series.  Next week we will celebrate Mother’s Day and initiate a study of the book of Ruth.  There will also be an adult discussion group on Sunday mornings during this series (check for details in this week’s bulletin).

Looking forward to seeing you!


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