People God Chooses

I find it fascinating as I read Scripture and see the people God chooses to play major roles in His unfolding drama of human history.  Last week we revisited an event in Abraham’s life.  In my daily readings this week I have come across Moses.  Among the major role players in Scripture, Moses has to be in the top 5.  He was born a slave in Egypt, a descendant of Abraham.  He was then spared from a death sentence as an infant, adopted by an Egyptian princess and raised in the Egyptian culture.  But his nurse (or nanny) in his early days was his own mother who no doubt made him aware of his heritage including the promises to Abraham.  At 40 years old he impulsively assaults and kills an Egyptian slave overseer and flees the country under a death sentence in a dessert wasteland of Midian for the next 40 years, eventually marrying a local and having 2 sons.

He has some sort of speech impediment and is 40 years removed from any connection to either Egypt or his own people.  But God chooses him to lead the nation of slaves to freedom and to receive the theocratic laws that would be the basis for their new nation when they occupied the Promised Land.  That commission, received when he is 80, is carried out admirably over the next 40 years.

Reflecting on his resume, Moses at first seems an unlikely candidate to fill the role God chose for him. Yet the hardships, losses, and isolation he experienced were critical influences God used to equip him for his role.  He knew the Egyptian world and the world of the dessert.  He was a Hebrew who had leadership experience.  He was a shepherd of sheep in the dessert and a shepherd of God’s people in the wilderness.

How do you view your resume for serving God and His kingdom?  Any limitations (we tend to see these easily)?  Any setbacks or failures?  Rather than disqualifying, these often become defining of the way God will use us.  One characteristic of Moses we might overlook is provided by someone who compiled his writings in the book of Numbers…

(Now Moses was a very humble man, more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth.) Numbers 12:3 (NIV)

This parenthetical, concise description may provide a key to understanding God’s use of Moses and God’s potential use of our lives.  Humility facilitates willingness to learn, to obey, to be responsive to God and to be compassionate toward other people.  Pride or arrogance, in contrast tends to disconnect even great talent or intellect from serving God’s purposes.

My hope is that we are pursuing more than a ticket to heaven in our connection with the Lord.  I pray that we will submit to His plans and fully engage in the ongoing work of Jesus as He is building that kingdom that will prevail against the gates of Hell.

This weekend is “teen takeover’ weekend.  After experiencing the joy and energy of the Kingdom Kids last weekend, I am anticipating an inspiring time led by our next generation of leaders.  You will be blessed!

Looking forward to seeing you!


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