Mick’s Memo – Sovereign Sub

I acknowledge and understand the subtle (and some less subtle) humorous comments about my “less frequent” preaching over the last few weeks.  Last weekend was an added absence because I felt I owed Pastor Doug Bullock a reciprocal favor for his willingness to preach for our 20th Anniversary celebration. I surveyed the topic wondering who to approach and received some great advice from a certain new elder.  As a result, I asked John Kaptan and he graciously made the 1000-mile round trip to bless us with a heartfelt message about Facing Trials Together.  That was a divinely ordained substitution. If you were unable to attend, I encourage you to go to our website and take in the message as well as the beautiful special song by Steve Case and Dee Brennen.  You may want to have some tissues nearby.

John Michael, Tracey, as well as Jill and John Sr. faced a trial we all hope will not happen to us or anyone we care about.  While few of us experience trials of this magnitude, some do and all face trials unique to our own journey. They test our endurance to the core—emotionally, physically, intellectually, relationally, and spiritually.  Even when we are alongside the trials of someone else, we are tested. I appreciate John helping all of us think and plan how we can better understand and respond to our own and others’ challenging times.

As followers of Jesus we have unique resources for responding to crisis situations.  We have the internal assurances of faith in the God who defeated death as demonstrated by the resurrection of Jesus.  We have the relational connections of the body of Christ to keep us company. We have the resource of prayer as a means of seeking God’s divine intervention.

When others suffer we also have great responsibility to incarnate and bring the compassionate presence of Jesus to them.  When Jesus said, “I will build my church”, He was committing to whatever it would take. In His case it involved the sacrifice of His life.  It also means whatever it would take in the future from us. We build His church when we face trials together.

This weekend will conclude the series with “Challenging One Another”.  While I enjoyed the Anniversary Celebration last weekend at our “mother ship”, Easter Hills Bible Church; I am excited to be back home at CrossRoads with you.



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