Building Expansion Update – Aug28

Rod Collins presented a Building Expansion Update during both Sunday services, August 20, 2017. Progress continues on solidifying the foundation plans, ordering the steel and the materials to enclose the shell before winter. Some additional costs have been identified relative to the look and materials for the outer shell, along with matching the windows and doors. There will be some savings though having changed the roof design and associated slope

“God sighting”—In the past few weeks our concerns for placement of our new septic system went from anxiety “plus” to unforeseen blessing.  In the exact moments that the door was closing on the request to have an easement to place the system on a spare portion of the Fire Department property, we were gifted 85 feet of land adjacent to our parking lot.  Results of the perc test have not been finalized but the engineer’s preliminary assessment it that we can use the same system already designed.

Finances—Funds raised to date in just over 9 months have now reached a total of $511K.  We have incurred expenses of 161.7K so far leaving us with a balance on hand of 347.3K.  Our first milestone is enclosing the structure by the end of November of this year.  Additional funds needed to be raised to close in the building including windows and external doors is  $222K.

Arrangements are in the works for HVAC, electrical and plumbing.  Please continue your prayers for God’s guidance and provision!

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