Expansion Update – October 3, 2017

Our primary efforts the past 2 weeks have been clearing of the land donated to us by our neighbor and finalizing the donation legally.

We have also added the expertise of Oliva Construction Company, bringing Kevin Skurpski’s and John Skibitzki’s expertise officially onto our team to help with details of getting construction permits, specific scope and terms of contracts with all parties and a more accurate budget.

There will be an update on Sunday morning and congregational meeting to review project status in the next 3-4 weeks as the details are obtained.

The foundation work has been held up by the need to clarify the transfer of property to us from the neighbor and the need to get a testing service contract in place.  We anticipate that could be resolved this week with foundation work starting later this month.

Meanwhile our growth in attendance is a constant reminder that the project is needed! Thanks for your support of the project and your patience!

For more information please contact Building@crossroadscny.org!


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