What does the building expansion project mean to me? Oct 7, 2018

By Patti Lyman, CrossRoads Caring Ministry
CrossRoads community church is more than a building. It is a place for people to come together and share in life. A few thoughts on our church are…
CrossRoads is built for teaching, the more who come the more who learn about their purpose.
CrossRoads is for relationship, it is where we find out it is not about me but about others. We encourage each other through caring for all of our church attendees and the community around us.
CrossRoads is for praising Him, we joyfully give thanks to God for all he does for me, for you and for those we have yet to meet.
So I look forward to opening the new doors to a new building that will allow more of the community to come and see what God can do.
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