Mick’s Memo – Thanks for Giving

I’m sad to admit that it helps to have a “scheduled” time each year to remind myself to be thankful for my many blessings.  God is amazing, and He has done amazing things. His creation shouts His presence and power. His comprehensive and grace-filled plan of redemption shows His unconditional love for us at the same time revealing His justice in confronting evil.  He gives us the opportunity to be made “righteous” in His sight, by faith alone in Christ alone. He empowers us and calls us to be co-laborers and co-heirs with Jesus, where we can experience the joy of being a blessing to others. God is truly worthy of my eternal gratitude, whatever my circumstances, however difficult it may be to feel that gratitude in some moments.

I’m sad to admit that I also need reminders to express my gratitude to people.  CrossRoads Community Church, you are a giving community. Unlike the proverbial “80/20” rule stating that a few people wind up carrying the load, it seems nearly everyone here seeks to shoulder their portion of the labor God has assigned to us.  

Our staff, elders and countless volunteers diligently fulfill their “formal” roles and add “random” service whenever the opportunity arises.  They are always seeking to enhance our effectiveness and keep us connected through every means available.

Our Facilities Expansion team has been diligently planning our project for several years and are now adding the constant vigilance needed to oversee the project to completion.  The fundraising arm of the team has been creatively finding ways to make the sacrificial giving of funds more enjoyable and fruitful. Our diligent financial team fights the battle of computers to count and account for our contributions with increasingly complicated tools designed to make things more convenient for those who contribute financially and to provide transparency in the process.

Our Life Group leaders host, lead, and guide study groups that facilitate God’s transforming work in our lives and care for those going through trials.  Our Next Generation leaders, teachers and small group facilitators are faithfully providing a Christ-centered perspective on life to the future leaders of the church.  

Our musicians, drama team, technicians, set designers, creative writers and producers inspire us all and facilitate our ability to engage our community and friends with the good news about Jesus.  Our welcome and hospitality teams serve as the “front line”, making a friendly first impression and providing help for those testing our waters.

We have a team focused on extending our influence beyond our immediate horizon by engaging with our missionary partners and guiding our “hands on” efforts in Guatemala and France.  

Our care-givers visit the sick, bring meals to those in recovery at home, and send encouraging cards and letters.  We are also blessed by those who brave the heat in the summer and cold in the winter to mow our lawns and shovel our sidewalks.

As you can see (and I’m likely missing some things I should mention) I have a multitude of reasons to be thankful to God and to you all who make CrossRoads a special place.

This weekend I hope you’ll join with us and either express or listen to others express gratitude for something God has done in your life in the past year.  This is always an inspiring service. Because of the privacy needs of such testimonies we will not be streaming this portion of the services on our website.

I am looking forward with anticipation to hearing about God’s work in your lives!

God bless,


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