Mick’s Memo – Mixed Musings

Regardless of one’s political views, the tributes to former President George H.W. Bush this week were filled with life lessons. Taking the tributes that were given at face value, while I don’t know the exact content of his faith, he engaged in the local church in worship.  He was faithful as a husband, loving and encouraging as a father, skilled in business and extremely dedicated as a public servant. I help plan and lead in the conduct of memorial services several times per year. I meet with families when their grief is new and raw, and the memories of interaction with the deceased are focused and heartfelt.  All memorial services teach me lessons.

One lesson is that we are writing our eulogy, one day at a time.  We may spend a lot of effort projecting a particular image, but the façade eventually breaks down and reality is exposed.  It may not be spoken publicly, but I have seen some cases where those reflecting on the deceased have a difficult time propping up the façade. I also see the deep love and respect that naturally pours out toward a loved one who has invested wisely in life. A eulogy is the compilation of life interactions and choices.  Careless, valueless choices leave a wake (maybe an intentional double meaning) of wounds. Purposeful and loving choices leave a legacy of inspiration, enrichment and peace.

Another lesson is the brevity of life and value of time.  Despite living a long life, former President Bush and all of us are very briefly burning candles in light of God’s eternality.  The time-limitation component of life makes time an extremely precious resource. Nothing can substitute for it and it constrains all other resources.  Material wealth or possessions can be lost in a moment. Loving relationships can be cut short. Skills and talents may be enjoyed for a specified time (even Tom Brady will eventually find himself unable to function as a quarterback!).  Brevity of time demands prioritized decision-making.

As you live out what is typically the most chaotic season of the year, I would encourage you to consider these two brief lessons and write the authentic and inspiring story of life God wants for you. And, not to be morbid, it’s also the story others will take joy in telling when the time comes for your legacy to be celebrated!

We will continue our Advent series looking at the prophecy of “Immanuel” this weekend.  We will also have a brief update on the recent Guatemala construction trip and have a sneak peek visit from the “Herdmans” who will invade church next weekend with “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”.  

For anyone who would like, there will be an opportunity to walk through the expansion after the services, with expansion team members available to answer your questions.

Looking forward to seeing you!


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