Mick’s Memo – Lessons for All Ages

I want to encourage your attendance at this weekend’s presentation of “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”.  I do so not just because my wife is directing it, or because I have grandchildren participating, but because this is no “ordinary” kids musical.  This play has a message for all ages, even though the prime message bearers are children. It is humorous and poignant, with a penetrating and fresh perspective on this season of hope and grace.  It retells the essentials of the birth of Jesus in a way that helps everyone view it as though it is their first time. One of our strategic vehicles as a church is this kind of special event; intentionally providing you with an opportunity to invite extended family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

Hopefully you have received the letter Howard Carr and I sent out concerning our church’s engagement for consulting with “The Center”.  I want to emphasize a couple things about it. First, this is not my first step to resignation. I am blessed, challenged and still sense God’s calling to my role as Pastor here at CrossRoads.  I do, however, realize that all pastors are temporary leaders of any given congregation and as such should do all they can to prepare for the time when God decides their time in that role is complete.  Sometimes that time is revealed suddenly, sometimes it is more gradual. We want to be prepared for both eventualities. We also want to keep CrossRoads moving toward the fulfillment of our redemptive potential.  We believe this process can provide a godly, objective assessment of where we are so that we can best move toward where God wants us to be.

Progress has accelerated on our expansion project.  I’m glad many of you took the “tour” last week after services.  We now at a point where we can invest considerable “sweat equity” through volunteer labor.  Construction experience is certainly welcome, but not necessary. Our site supervisor, Pat McAvan, has extensive experience and expertise, in addition to his strong faith and engaging manner.  You will enjoy working with him. If you haven’t already, please contact Eric Carr or Rochelle at the church office to get involved.

I look forward to greeting you and your guests this weekend as we see a fresh view of the Nativity through the eyes of the Herdmans!



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