Mick’s Memo – A Friend Worth Pursuing

A Friend Worth Pursuing

Most of us filter our friendships.  We keep a distance at first when we are introduced to new people.  Some of us are more cautious than others.  Sometimes we have been “burned” or hurt by someone, so we guard against letting someone new get close enough to do similar damage.  First impressions then take on a lot of importance.  Others’ opinions are often used to help filter potential relationships.  I’m not saying this is evil or wrong.

Sometimes this filter extends to God.  I’m not talking just about our “belief” in God, but our seeking God or being in a healthy, connected relationship with God.  God wants that kind of relationship with us, but He doesn’t “force” friendship on us. I’m convinced that the more we know the truth about God, the more we will want to pursue a relationship with Him.  That’s the purpose of our new series, “What’s God Really Like?”.  Our aim will be to explore the sources available to us to gain insight and truth.  I think many have rejected or turned away from God, but their decision has been based on faulty information—either from their own presuppositions, or misinformation others have provided.  The CrossRoads’ vision statement says we aspire to be a place of “Joy, Discovery, Hope and Healing”.  In this series we will discover characteristics of God that put life into a holistic perspective.  This Sunday we will focus on God as the Creator.

I want to thank our volunteers who came out last weekend to hang sheet rock and continue painting. We have also been blessed by those who are coming out during the week to push the project along. There will be another opportunity to help this Saturday if you are available.  Every volunteer hour is saving us on the bottom-line cost of the project!  We will be providing a brief financial update on both the general fund and the expansion project during services this weekend.

Keep our Guatemala work team in your prayers as they wrap up their week of intense work on the Boys Home in Atitlan and return home.

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!


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