Mick’s Memo – Mother’s Day Musings

God’s design of human beings and human social life are powerful.  For multiple millennia we humans have tinkered with alternatives to His wise design and found that nothing functions like the “original” when a husband and wife seek to employ it.  When God paired Adam and Eve in His unique complementary fashion, He provided for joy, unity, purpose, love, security and posterity. 

Adam named the wife God gave him “Eve” (or life) because she would become the mother of all the living (Genesis 3:20).  In the narrative sequence, she receives this name and children are first mentioned after the “Fall” when sin’s consequences become part of their life context. 

Motherhood’s joys and sorrows are typified by Eve’s experience.  Childbirth would be a physically painful experience.  There would be yearnings for leadership of the home that would be delegated to Adam (Genesis 3:16).  She would be cast out of the perfect provision of Eden into a world marred by decay and death.  Death would invade her family in a most heinous way when her oldest son murdered his brother out of jealousy.

But God gave her another child, Seth, a godly son who would carry her legacy into the following generations (along with other sons and daughters—Genesis 5:3-4). She (along with her husband) would be God’s instrument of provision, guidance, correction and moral development.

Motherhood is not for the faint of heart in any era of human history.  It is filled with sacrifice, labor, multitasking and working around a host of variables that are not controllable.  Every mother can generate nurture and guidance, but they cannot absolutely constrain their children to accept and apply what they offer.  Numerous studies and statistics affirm the unique and critical role that mothers play in the lives of their children.  It transcends pursuit of careers outside the home.  Some studies assert that they spend just as much time parenting as their stay-at-home counterparts. 

Mothers, I salute you and thank you for engaging and providing your transforming influence on the next generation!  What a legacy!

Looking forward to celebrating a biblical perspective on Mothers with you this weekend!

God bless,


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