Mick’s Memo – Sorting for Significance

As you sort through your plans and your past, do you ever wonder how to figure out priorities?  Do you ever ask yourself what God considers the most significant thing you’ve done in the last week, month, year or even 5 years?  We would probably have a better chance of hitting His target if we know what God values most in advance of our choices. That takes effort and patience. But even if we get better at knowing His preferences, we still have the challenge involving our willingness to bend our preferences to His.

By international standards we live in affluent and cosmopolitan circumstances. We swim in options for the use of our time and resources.  Our routines and habits are constantly rebooting in the face of ever-expanding choices.  How can we sort them out?

This weekend we will seek some help in sorting for the sea of choices for significance.  We will also be taking a “field trip” during the service and hearing a report of how our partnership with Hope Renewed International can extend our collective legacy well beyond the confines of our local community.  Saturday afternoon we will celebrate the life of a legacy builder who left our circle a few weeks ago when we have the memorial service for Iva Rostek at 1PM.  Iva was one of our “Prime Timers” with a legacy of generosity and a passion for helping younger women with their marriages and parenting.  I hope you can join us and her family in honoring her faithfulness to the Lord.

Please pray for our leadership team as we discuss and plan how to incorporate recommendations and information received from our consultation with the Center.  You blessed us with very insightful and forthright responses to the survey we took in January.  We will be reporting on these findings and initiatives that are in the works at the Budget information meeting on June 9th.  I want to urge you to come to the meeting whether you are a long-time member or have just started attending.

Pursuing God with you, Mick

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