Mick’s Memo-Three Initiatives

When we received the results of the congregational survey from “The Center” consultants, we had many reasons to celebrate and some reasons to adjust and enhance our ministry focus.  Very high percentages would recommend CrossRoads to others, describe CrossRoads as friendly/welcoming, consider themselves to be growing steadily and 76% of attendees serve in some capacity.  We also found that our outreach to our community and number of people who started attending recently (related statistics) show a decline in momentum. 

The consultants joined us and shared their recommendations which were focused on 3 initiatives.  We are pursuing them with a 3-year plan.  We are calling them “Building Community” (ways to reach and retain unchurched people from our community); “Building Character” (ways to assimilate and disciple those who come); and “Building Capacity” (ways to accelerate the completion of the expansion project to enable use of the additional capacity).  Since their visit, the staff and elders have been developing these initiatives diligently, prayerfully and thoughtfully. 

Building Community involves initiatives to connect new folks who visit and new ways to encourage relational bridge-building through involvement in community organizations.  It includes leveraging our current community events like Christmas and Easter musicals more effectively and relaunching a Summer Sports camp.  There will also be intentional focus on emerging generations in the 18-44 age range. 

Building Character involves enrichment of our Life Groups, Core series groups, small group dynamics within serving teams, and expansion of adult Grow Groups. 

Building Capacity involves completing the facility expansion in a timely way to provide more capacity for reaching our community with the previous 2 initiatives. 

I believe these initiatives will bear great spiritual fruit.  I am continually blessed and amazed at how God had provided funds, construction expertise, and even the land needed for our septic system.  He is also bringing a steady stream of new families to our services who are responding enthusiastically.  As I look at the political and social landscape of our time and culture, we have a daunting, challenging and yet “ripe for harvest” environment.  Many are disillusioned with the unfulfilled promises of materialism and hedonism.  They may not yet know what they need, but we know it is their need for the forgiveness and purpose found only in Jesus.  I am excited to think about what God has been and will be doing!

We will highlight these initiatives and give an update on the expansion at the Budget information meeting June 9th at 6:30 PM.  I hope you will join us.

This weekend we will finish the series on “Connections” looking at the “real” connections that influence our lives for good!

God bless,


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