Mick’s Memo – Surprise, Surprise

How do you like surprises? Your answer to that question is a window into part of your innate personality.  Some love surprises and all things spontaneous. Others prefer a far more predictable life. It’s not really a matter of right and wrong, we are just different.  But one thing we all have in common is that we will encounter surprises.  There are countless things we do not control and cannot foresee.  One of the most significant of those is our encounters with God.  Before we were born, or even conceived, we were part of His thinking and design.  He has a way of surprising us.  Our new sermon series will be discussing the experience of numerous characters familiar to the drama of Scripture who encountered God in expected places.

Where have you encountered God’s influence?  Have there been some unexpected ones?  Sometimes inexplicable “coincidences” reveal His imprint.  Sometimes trials show us ways that He is supporting us that were invisible to us in “fair weather”.  Sometimes facing a challenge we find strengths or capacities that had escaped our notice.  You may find God’s message coming from an antagonist, your child, a co-worker, your spouse, or a complete stranger.  I’m convinced we often miss Him.  He’s far more “at hand” than I normally sense, in fact He’s omniscient!  He desires to be part of our daily life, like the disciples who “followed” Jesus wherever He went.

Embrace the “surprise” when it is God showing up unexpectedly!

Thank you to those who have returned them already and a gentle reminder to those who have yet to return the project contribution cards that were enclosed in the letter about the expansion project funding. The construction planning team and elders planning is contingent on having a clear financial picture.  No names are expected or being associated with the numbers.

Please pray for the community VBS that will take place all next week at the First Presbyterian Church!



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