Mick’s Memo – The Eagle Landed (50 years ago)

This Saturday marks the 50th anniversary of the first human walk on the moon.  As a teen about to enter my final year of High School I remember watching in wonder as Neil Armstrong gave the famous statement, “Tranquility base here, the Eagle has landed.”  That event was the culmination of a massive effort by thousands of people.  It demonstrated the enormous potential of concerted effort applied by diverse experts with necessary resources and focused motivation.  I still marvel at how much the technology expanded through the 1960s given the early failures and spectrum of problems that had to be resolved.  It was not without risk, loss and setbacks. 

Hard challenges almost always involve similar investment, risk and sometimes loss in order to make progress toward a higher goal.  The church Jesus started more than two thousand years ago has been risking, investing, succeeding and experiencing setbacks throughout its history.  Fortunately, there have been generations of willing visionaries and laborers who have successfully sustained the momentum of the church so that we could find Jesus and become part of His assembly on earth.

You are part of that process in our generation here at CrossRoads.  Some of you chose to leave the established “comforts” of Eastern Hills Bible Church to be a part of the new and less certain fellowship here.  Some helped us expand facilities earlier, some have invested in volunteer ministries for over a decade, others have joined the team more recently.  We leaders and elders of the church believe God led us to add space to our facilities so we can better relate to emerging generations and make room for more to be a part of our vision.  While I realize my analogy to landing on the moon may seem a bit exaggerated, I believe we are engaged in something that, in God’s view 50 years from now, will be a significant milestone in the life of the church in Central New York (should the Lord not return in that timeframe!).  I thank you for the sacrifices of time, effort and resources that are making this happen.  If you have not yet indicated your expected financial commitment to the elders, please do so by the end of the month; it will be a great help to their planning.

Special thanks to all the CrossRoads volunteers who invested their time and effort for the community VBS this past week!



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