Mick’s Memo – Bits and Pieces

I want to express my and Betsy’s appreciation for so many expressions of love in the past couple weeks.  Betsy’s surgery went very well, and she is already experiencing improvement in the symptoms she was experiencing.  We appreciate the prayers, notes, meals and inquiries showing your love and concern.  I’m grateful to Rob Douglas and Mike Keville providing such inspiring messages in my absence and Steve Case covering for a memorial service for the Wallace family.

I also want to clarify some information regarding the expansion project and the building fund.  Some have expressed confusion about the relationship between the budget and the building fund, so I’ll do my best.  The budget is established each year by the recommendation of the staff to the elders, then from the elders it is proposed to the voting membership at our annual meeting. It is met from what we call the “general fund” and covers all operating expenses—utilities, upkeep and repair of facilities, staff salaries and benefits, insurances, discipleship ministry curricula and materials for all ages, audio-visual, music and technology licensing and equipment, missionary support, mission trips and projects, and local ministry outreach such as the InBeTween after school program and Chittenango Area Association of Churches membership and events.  They are recurring, reestablished annually, and we monitor our income and expenditures to ensure our ability to meet our financial obligations.  The “building fund” is used just for expenses related to expansion of or major renovation of facilities.  In the past we have used the building fund to add on to our current lobby, construct the community center and renovate the parsonage to use as classrooms and/or offices.  Presently our “building fund” is designated to pay for the new lobby, education wing and auditorium.  If you donate to CCC without designating, it goes to the general fund.  For the funds to be directed to the building fund, you must communicate it specifically either as “paid to” or in the memo line designating it to building fund. 

The elders and I sent a letter to our regular donors about a month ago and in it included a “contribution card”.  The information is meant to be anonymous and for planning purposes only.  If you haven’t yet decided or communicated your decision to the elders, please pray about it and put the card in the offering.

Regarding our workdays, if you are part of the volunteer notification list, please inform us of your availability (or unavailability) when you receive notification of a workday.  We realize summer is hectic, but we also want to be good stewards of our paid project foreman’s time.

I’m excited to inform you that God has redirected our plans for staffing.  We planned to have Cooper Young serve as a ministry intern working with us this year.  However, his plans changed and he is serving elsewhere, so we reevaluated.  Based on the added initiatives growing out of the consulting service we engaged, we have decided to add a part-time staff leader for Adult Small Group ministries.  Matt Shene will be joining or ministry team as of August 1st.  Matt has extensive volunteer ministry experience and has been attending CrossRoads with his wife Megan and family for the past 18 months or so.  He is pursuing an MDiv degree with Liberty University and brings enthusiasm, along with needed gifts and experience to our team.  (You may recall Matt and Megan as the patient parents in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever back at Christmas time.)

This weekend we will continue our series “Finding God in Unexpected Places” looking at the fall of Jericho.  We will also observe the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper, remembering Jesus’ sacrifice for us.  Looking forward to seeing you!


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