Mick’s Memo – “Honor” Dialogue

If you missed last week’s services, I want to urge you to take in Pastor Doug Bullock’s message on our website (crossroadscny.org; sermon archives).  The message and its implications are still messing with my head. I find myself frequently violating the clear principles of what it means to give honor appropriately.  I tend to speak or prepare to speak when I should be listening.  I tend to undervalue others, knowing that Scripture clearly teaches that all are created in God’s image and all are objects of God’s mercy and grace for whom Jesus died. I can slide into contemptuous communication with people (even those closest to me) instead of respect.

If I multiply my own dishonoring tendencies by millions, mix them all up in our cultural milieu, then look at the “stew” that is produced, I can better see why we are in a tumultuous state.  Regardless of political or social persuasion, we seem to be living in an “honorless” mess.

As followers of Jesus I think we must lead the change if there is to be any improvement.  In our marriages, our homes, and neighborhoods we need to believe and act on the value that God has placed on people.  We need to lead the way in honoring dialogue.  We don’t have to agree with everyone or refrain from expressing a contrary opinion; but we should express ourselves in a way that accurately represents the One who enlisted us as His ambassadors. 

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!


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