Mick’s Memo – Expansion Progress

I wish you all could have “listened in” on our Expansion Project team meeting Monday.  First of all, we are blessed to have the combination of expertise, good old-fashioned common sense and focused dedication involved in the process.  Finances were reviewed and we could see that more than $50K of sweat equity can be attributed to volunteer efforts.  We also received the encouraging news that over $104K was donated to the building fund last week, providing us with funds enough and beyond phase 3.

We also have been making steady progress on the project. The last section of concrete flooring has been poured in the new auditorium.  First floor insulation has been installed along with much of the metal framing. Plumbers have nearly completed the “rough-in” for the adult bathrooms and the bathroom that will be shared by the Pre-K and Nursery rooms.  Great progress is being made on the painting of the walls in the new lobby.  The contractor has installed the acoustic tile ceiling grid “clouds”.  The electrician was immediately on site to install the LED ceiling lights in the clouds and the cannister lights around the perimeter.  Landscaping (with some fuzzy green grass showing) efforts continue to enhance the curbside appearance.  Parking has been expanded in the back along with preps for the drop-off, turnaround and sidewalks.  Whew!

What’s ahead?  Glad you asked!  One of the great needs is for continued volunteer efforts. The things we can accomplish with volunteers must be woven into the contractor work.  That sometimes means the contracted work must wait for us.  If you or your small group can spare time in the coming weeks and months, it will not only save the money but accelerate the progress.  Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings are regular times, but any day of the week, our site manager, Pat McAvan, can guide your effort if you have time to give.  There are many tasks that require little or no construction expertise.  Please contact Rochelle at the office if you or your group can come so that we can have things lined up to make the most of your efforts.

I am sincerely grateful to our expansion team, elders, staff, volunteers and to you all for the ongoing ministry here at CrossRoads.  Your dedication, generosity and faithfulness to the Lord are bearing eternal fruit.

This weekend we will study a pivotal event in the life of the early church in Acts 15.  Referred to as the “Jerusalem Council”, it was a meeting of early church leaders that was pivotal in defining the nature of the church and gives us guidance for keeping the church mission focused.

I look forward to seeing you!


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